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Gold Partners offers consulting services as a client’s real estate portfolio managers, Gold Partners initial focus is on developing a real estate portfolio strategy that would, in the most financial return maximizing manner, leverage a client capital to generate significant returns on cash invested.

01 - Property Management

Gold Partners maintain a permanent management team that manages the property that are held in our portfolio. Gold Partners manages the construction on properties we develop and negotiates the most favourable sales and purchase prices on real estate. Consequently, we are able to better control the cost and quality of execution of our projects.

02 - Acquisition and Sales

In addition to property management, Gold Partners also actively pursue the acquisition of undervalued properties by leveraging our extensive knowledge of urban development, as well as our proprietary analytical system.

03 - General Contracting

We do this for small to large scale development projects. We use our understanding of the real estate market in-order to develop real estate portfolios for its investors partners that generates positive cash flow through both holding properties for rentals revenue and making short term property purchases for return on immediate use.

04 - Cost Control

We are able to control cost and provide quality executions of projects by keeping operating expenses low. We maintain a small permanent management team that manages the properties we hold, the construction on the properties we develop and negotiates the most favourable sales and purchase price on real estate.

Property Management Services

1. Tenant Customer Service and Issue Resolution

There is a strong relationships between rental property profitability and the retention of responsible tenants. We minimize tenants turnover and it’s resulting leasing a d vacancy expense by developing strong landlord tenants relationships based on expeditious response to tenants concerns and cheerful customer service.

2. Leasing Units and Processing Evictions

Our management fee is based on rental revenues actually received. We make sure your unit are always rented at the highest rent the market will bear and that rent collections is constructively and aggressively pursued. We periodically conduct rental market analysis to ensure your units are always rented at or above market. When it is necessary to completely follow through on an eviction action, we manage every step of the process, inducing hiring a lawyer to represent our clients in court.

3. Bill Payment, Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

At no extra cost, we will manage the paying of bills related to clients properties out of their rented revenue and provide our clients a monthly income statements detailing their properties performance for accuracy and handle the resolution of billing discrepancies. We also do annual expense audit for our clients and look for ways to minimize expenses and where appropriate put services out for competitive bid. Our books are professionally kept and as means end we deliver a financial statement for the year that meet our clients tax filing needs.

4. Property Maintenance and Improvement

We hire contractors to perform all necessary property maintenance and make recommendations to clients on making improvements to the properties and increase the return on the investment.

5. Property Management Fees

Our fees are based on a percentage a client’s gross rent roll and ranges from the percentage we negotiated with our client on the gross rent collected annually, depending on how large that rent roll is. Basing our fees based on rent that is not received.